Wednesday, July 27, 2022


Today was the BIG day - the cap of the silo (roof) was lifted by a crane and secured to the top of the silo.

The crane arrived at 8 am sharp.   Carter crawled under the roof to get all of  the straps in place.  We used 4 straps to cradle the roof.   Once it was attached, the roof was lifted about 7 feet, and we removed all of the boards the supported it while we were building it.  Then,  up it went - the top of the silo is 45' in the air.    We had some short delays, while the crew - on top of 3 sections of scaffolding on the 4th floor, had to make some final adjustments (remove one of the brace boards; place 2x4's on top of the wall - so the roof could set on them so we could push the straps out the gap.   No one volunteered to get on the roof to unhook any of the straps, so we devised a system to where all of the connections happened within the confines of the silo.   By 9:30 the straps were unhooked and the crane was folding itself back up.   We spent the rest of the day removing the spacer blocks, adding an extra board at each of the 8 peaks and securing the roof to the top of our wall system

Tuesday, July 26, 2022


We have been hard at work - getting the roof ready to be lifted and placed on top - scheduled for Wednesday, July 27. Felt paper, metal roof sheets, ridge caps, and the final octagonal cap on the top!   Channel 12 News from Wichita came to do a story on Monday, July 25.  Cutting down a tree which could possibly cause problems when lifting the roof and extra bracing on the walls of the top bedroom.   Hopefully all goes well with the lifting of the roof.  I told Christian that Channel 12 News was coming and that we needed to "dress up".    He showed up in his suit!   To see the news story, go to and look for the silo conversion story.

Wednesday, July 20, 2022


Summer is officially here!~   The HEAT is on.    Zapping our energy by noon.   We removed rods and metal bands sticking up above the silo and progressing on the roof structure.   We were originally scheduled to have a crane come and lift the roof to the top of the silo on Thursday, 7-22.   The roof metal did not come as scheduled, so hopefully that will happen on Wed or Friday of next week.    We have all the sheathing on, so on 7-21 we will put on the felt paper and start attaching the metal roof panels.   Unfortunately all of the panels will need to be cut at some angle to fit on the roof - probably a rather slow process.

Monday, July 18, 2022

 Finally made it to the top.    The interior walls are up to the top of the silo.   Heat chased us out of the silo.  Early tomorrow we will cut the metal rods sticking up at the top and then back to working on the octagon roof.   I had a crane scheduled for Thursday, but I do not think we will have it ready. My grandson's Jack and Carrter are peaking of the top at 45'  up

Saturday, July 16, 2022


Only a half day of work today.   The heat was on.    Started the octagon roof.   We plan to have it completely finished on the ground and then have a crane lift it and place it on top of the silo.   The roof is 16' 5" across with a 4/12 pitch.  I know,  at one point it resembled an airplane

Friday, July 15, 2022


Progress has been quite slow the last couple of days.   Afternoon heat is forcing us out of the silo.   We are building wall sections for the 4th floor and doing prep work for the roof.   A breakdown on the mower and cleaning the rainwater collection tank, caused further delays.. We have made the final push to get the 4th (final) floor.    Floor joists , subfloor and most of the wall sections are in.   Having to push everything up through the stairway opens is a slow and  tough job.   4 people - one on each floor.  Painting of the inside walls of the silo are done.  check out the view from the top window of the 4th floor.

 2-1-2023 Interior finishing has been labor intensive.   We have installed approximately 2,200 lineal feet of 1x8 tongue and groove pine boa...