Wednesday, August 24, 2022


I have not posted since 8/5.   My two college age grandson's left on 8/5.   The following week was completly book at the cabin,   so I have only had 4 or 5 days that I could work since that date.   
We completed the stairs and got all of the plumbing drain system installed and all of the water lines roughed in.  Progress has been slow.   We will work whenever we have a day or two that we do not have visitors at the cabin

Friday, August 5, 2022


made it to the top today by noon!   3 custom spiral staircases - a total of 42 steps!   Heat index was headed to 105 this afternoon.    We decided to call it a day at noon.   Jack and Carter - my two grandsons are done for the summer!   We made lots of progress since 6-1.   4 or 5 rain days in June and sweltering  heat in July!   We got all of the main sewage system installed under the 1st floor; all floor joists and subfloor installed on 4 floors; all of the perimeter walls installed; all of the interior walls framed; built an octagon roof on the ground and had a crane lift it up to the top of the silo; electrical wire completed on 3 floors, and 3 circular stair cases completed.   We still need to add risers, and extra support to the stairs, but the main structure is walkable!   All of the lumber piles that we started the summer with have dwindled to just a few boards.

Wednesday, August 3, 2022


It has been a couple of days since I posted, but we have been busy working.    Trying to finish all of the interior framing,  the electrical is nearly completely done on the first three floors; and we started the stairs.   The stairs have been meticulously slow and complicated.   The exterior wall is a 19 sided polygon with each wall section about 31 inches wide and changing direction - approximately 21 degrees every 31"   The stairs are about 32 inches wide, and the interior edge is also a polygon, but with a smaller radius.   All treads are located from a radius that originates in the middle of the room.   The outside edge of the tread is 11.25" wide and the inner edge is around 7.25" wide.    To complicate matters, the inner edge of the stairs goes up at a much steeper angle because of the shorter radius from the middle of the room -- all the while trying to keep the treads even and level.  There will be one more stairway that we must complete and then add all of the risers to close off the steps.   When we stopped today, it was 96 degrees - felt like 100 degrees, with absolutely no air movement.    We are trying to survive working in the silo with fans blowing HOT air!

 2-1-2023 Interior finishing has been labor intensive.   We have installed approximately 2,200 lineal feet of 1x8 tongue and groove pine boa...