Saturday, January 7, 2023


We have finally completed the 16' high ceiling on the fourth floor - complete with a ceiling fan with a 5' downrod.   The 4' high wainscoting of t&g boards is complete and sheetrock to the ceiling - sanded, painted and trim boards installed    the 1x8 t&g is continued down the exterior wall of the stairway and then back to the 4' high wainscoting  across the landing and into the next stair way opening.   The ceiling is complete across the landing and into the stairway opening with a 16' high ceiling at the lower end.    we had to set up some type of temporary floor planks across the opening so we could reach the ceiling.  Angles everywhere and progress is very slow.  We cut a 24" x 60" opening in the silo wall on the fourth floor, to create a viewing vista of the flinthills

 2-1-2023 Interior finishing has been labor intensive.   We have installed approximately 2,200 lineal feet of 1x8 tongue and groove pine boa...