Sunday, July 16, 2023

 We are nearing completion.   Open House is scheduled for Sunday, July 23, 2-5

Finish work has been slow and tedious.    The outside patio area is also very close to completion

The silo is located on the same property as Paw Print Cabin.    For directions, type in "paw print cabin" on either google or apple maps.     The address is 605 Middle Creek Rd

For information, contact Gerald Wiens 1-620-381-1357

Sunday, June 11, 2023


It has been 6 weeks since my last post.  We have constructed a sheltered/patio area.   Progress continues on this phase.   We have installed a swing and incorporated a eastern red cedar tree with character into the design of the patio.  Plumbing -  installed the water components - pressure tank, whole house filter, descaler and UV sterilization light.   The tankless water heater is now fully functional.  Bathroom sinks are installed and functional.   The 1/2 bath sink is in -but not heat hooked up.   We had to penetrate the concrete silo wall for inlet and exit pipes.   The propane lines have been connected.   Kitchen cabinets are nearing completion - tin punch for upper cabinets/   countertop has been cut -waiting for sink and faucet installation.    Bunkbeds for the second floor will be assembled and installed in the coming week.  King bed in master bedroom is ready for mattress.  Curved eating bench at base of stairway. Cedar shakes on gable on entrance.

Saturday, April 29, 2023


Progress continues slowly.   All the flooring is down;  tile is down on the shower floor, as is the metal for the shower walls.   A special hand painted window separates the shower and the main bath area.   The fireplace is installed, along  with the stone, mantel and barnwood.  Lots of staining and polyurethane on wood trim and doors.   Starting into the 3rd gallon of stain and second gallon of polyurethane.   Kitchen cabinet construction has begun.

Sunday, March 26, 2023

 26 March 2023

We have been doing mostly finish type work since my last post.   Progress is VERY slow.   All the walls are painted, except for the entry room.  The propane fireplace is roughed in -  waiting on the vent pipe and termination cap.  The finished floor is down in both of the bedrooms - 2nd and 4th floors.   The master bedroom is mostly complete.   The walls have been painted with 8' tall trees and the shelf on the headboard area of the bed now has an inlay  - representing the flinthills and  sunrays.  The interior shutters are built and ready to be installed (waiting on hinges).  The tankless water has found its' home under the stairway on the second floor.  We finally have a functioning toilet in the silo.(we have to carry water in a bucket to make it flush).   The dense  foam, sloped floor of the shower has been installed.

 We are nearing completion.   Open House is scheduled for Sunday, July 23, 2-5 Finish work has been slow and tedious.    The outside patio a...