Saturday, November 5, 2022


Progress is slow at the silo.   We have visitors almost continually at the cabin.  The HVAC is now completed!  We will have a 5 zone minisplit system with a heating and ac unit on each floor-  so each floor can be controlled independently.    We have finished the outside of the entry room - rock veneer, siding and painting.   The windows finally arrivved and all of the original opening on the silo now have windows .      I have 3 more windows to cut into the silo wall - one in the living room wall and 2 in the master bedroom.    Not quite sure how I am going to accomplish that, but the time is getting near.     Now that all of the tubing for the hvac is in,   we are starting to insulate all of the walls.  The perimeter walls are comprised of 19 polygons.   Where each polygon touches another polygon, we are trying to separate the 2 boards and put in some insulation.   Then we will foam along the edges of each board where they touch the silo wall.

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