Tuesday, December 20, 2022


I have been working when I can on the silo.   Oct, Nov and December have been extremely busy with renters at the cabin..    We now have an official name for the silo - OWL'S NEST SILO.    A new sign has been install at the entrance of the silo.   I managed to get some grass seed to germinate - hope it makes it through the winter.   A propane tank was install and hooked up.   We now have gas in the silo!   Everything is insulated!   Rough in electrical, plumbing and gas lines are mostly complete.   A 5 zone minisplit  heating and air conditioning system has been installed.   The ceiling on the 4th floor (16' high) has been completed -   plywood on the ceiling - painted black. 2x6 's attached in a reciprocal roof design have been installed...The walls on the 4th floor have been sheetrocked 12' down.   The horizontal seams have been mudded and taped and are ready to sand, prime and paint.   Once we get the ceiling fan installed, we will remove the scaffolding, which has been residing on the 4th floor for nearly 5 months.     We have cut an opening in the silo on the first floor to add a window.   It took most of an afternoon, but it adds lots of light to the living room area.    I have plans to do the same for 2 windows on the 4th floor - 36' above the ground.   It will certainly be more of a challenge.  

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